STRATEGY & MARKETING for powerful brands. 


All projects are leaded and guided by our management, in perfect accordance with the client's authorised proposal.

Luis Felipe Nuño PhD.

Approving his leadership on international marketing during three decades, applied his complex knowledge in realising projects successfully. Sharing his experience in conferences and concepts for benefitting the client. Luis Felipe Nuño PhD. is the head of strategy and conceptual creativity in Nuño Marketing, as well as international conference speaker in Spanish, French and English at meetings and conferences about global marketing.


Wolfgang A. Schratter

Operative and administrative leadership in commerce and tourism business, as well as in project realisation, in Europe, America and Africa. Realised during three decades as consultant and different levels in management. Sharing his experience in conferences and workshops, on his particular style of transmitting experience and knowledge, by getting some smiles form the audience. Wolfgang Albert Schratter is head of corporate business in Loevens OG which operates Nuño Marketing as global brand.


Some High Lights

Convene / Vilnius / Lithuania 2018
Santiago de Chile / Chile 2017
Travel Gourmet Magazine / Austria 2016
Event Consulting / Latin America 2015