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Over 1.8 billion websites will be online in 2022. Being online does not automatically mean being seen. Facts and steps on how we keep your website engaged - without social media.

With Geo-marketing, we promote your website (or parts of it) on the Internet in a geographical zone or country, selected by yourself, which can be one or more countries, or a language region defined by countries.

This service gives your website the power to reach more visitors and attention. This service we offer transparently and for the budget of your choice and absolutely GDPR conform.


We are looking forward to get your request for proposal and the possibility for supporting your enterprise.


GEO Marketing

After receiving your enquiry, we will working out a personal optimised proposal, which gives you time to make your decision.


Frequent asked Questions about Geo-Marketing

  • How long takes one geo-marketing campaign? The period of one campaign takes 4 weeks or 28 days as minimum, or more units of 4 Weeks as long as ordered.
  • Why it's called geo-marketing? "Geo" comes from geographical, because the promotion of the clients URL is linked to a defined geographical area - one or more countries of the clients choice.
  • Can I promote my URL where ever I want? The promotion of the URL and the presented content is possible as far as internet technology and users are available. But please note, there are countries where restrictions might apply.
  • How many countries can be integrated in one campaign? Each campaign has to be related and balanced between area, volume and budget. In general there are one to three countries in one campaign reasonable. Please consider also the size of population in each country.
  • Is every request processed and elaborated individually? Yes, each request is analysed and optimised, this includes recommendations and suggestions for the benefit of the customer.
  • Why can I be sure that geo-marketing is compliant with the GDPR? Because our geo-marketing service does not involve "cold calling" or aggressive acquisition of any kind. All generated visitors to the advertised website visit it out of their own interest and decision without being forced.
  • How do you know how many visitors have been generated? We deliver an overview report after each month, also monthly during the campaign, which lists the frequency as well as the figures of visitors. IMPORTANT: Due to legal requirements (cookie consent) and technical circumstances (software), the number of visitors may vary when compared with the internal statistics of the advertised website.
  • How high is the "scatter loss" in a geo-marketing campaign? In comparison to print or others ad' options, there is no "scatter loss", because every visitor clicks on the advertised website by interest. In addition, the client only pays for realised visits.
  • What if fewer visitors click on a page than ordered?  Should this actually occur for technical reasons or due to "force majeure", the advertising customer has the freedom of choice to extend the term until the paid service has been fulfilled, or the equivalent difference between the order and the service will be refunded to the customer. Experience shows that the target number of orders is usually slightly exceeded.
  • Is there an option for a bonus? The bonus for GEO-Marketing is created for all orders with a term of more than 6 months in the amount of 5% in the form of a credit note after completing the order, which will be discounted at client's next campaign.

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